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An Introduction to CKG

Dear Visitor,

Thank you for coming to this website. I believe introductions are in order. This site is developed by Chris Kovacs and his on-and-off-again team, very narcissistically titled: the Chris Kovacs Group (CKG).
Yes, indeed, we went there.

In our unbelievable arrogance, we have embarked on a journey lead by our dear leader, Chris, who is a complete and utter crazy person when it comes to art, teaching and computers. If you don’t believe it, see his personal page (ckg.hu/chris).

Anyways, that’s enough information for today. Go on and explore this website or come back tomorrow, there is always something new (especially if you follow us in Twitter).
Thank you very much again, we appreciate your visit. Contact Chris if you need anything.

the CKG team

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