Monthly Archives: October 2012

Internet in Hungary

So every once in a while my internet connection is down. (I’ve got mobile-net, muhaha…) There was a time, I remember, when it was down for weeks – only because the service provider was improving the network. I don’t complain. I am just glad I have at least some internet. Still the ‘offering no compensation […]

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Fields of Cain

  The thundercow emotionless stands between worlds as tastless joy locked in a safe with two potatos salt and pepper to spice up this lost chess game pawns are alone no opressing Cain.  2,885 total views,  1 views today

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Google Wave

One of the greatest failures in human history …. nah, that must have been the holocaust or something. Still Google Wave was to revolutionise my communication with other geeks and non-geeks. As it seemed like a great idea I impatiently waited for some sort of invitation which I can’t remember if I got. No matter […]

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Time is relatively easy to understand

Thought life is upside down time is relative my life is relatively upside down Chocolate crave help only the brown cows graze upon my favourite belt Essential sence must be made cowardly while feeling happy guilt but my time is relative while upside down hanging my blood sits in my brain.  2,900 total views,  1 views today

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Online Angol

A neten böngészve számtatlan online tanárra bukkantam. Mindenki érzi, hogy beléptünk az informatika korába, és próbálja meglovagolni a lehetőségeket. Van, aki chat-en vállal órát, van aki skype-ot használ. Egyetlen helyen sem olvastam olyan virtuális tábláról, amelyet mi használunk. Ez azt jelenti, hogy a képzés, melyet nyújtunk, teljesen egyedülálló online oktatási módszer. Egyedülálló, mert kényelmes és […]

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