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Altough our webpage is still under contruction because we don’t want to rush it, I can write about our beloved tours like it was fully operational.

I like traveling. I also like to

be well informed about the place I’m going. Still it’s not enough. Let me tell you a short story.

I can’t speak Arabic. Still I went to Egypt where few people speak English if you leave the tourist area. So I didn’t leave the tourist area. Finally on the way home I used couchsurfing to find someone who I can talk to. Luckily on the bus from Hurghada to Cairo I made a friend. Now I had two guys speaking English and everything was okay.

I thought: what if I was (and my team) was the guy you could talk to and be guided by in Hungary. I speak Hungarian (and English) so everything is cool.

You may find people on couchsurfing who can guide you through the country and that is all right. I like couchsurfing. But they have dayjobs. They can’t be with you all the time.

I also have a dayjob. I do this. 🙂

I hope you like the picture I’m painting here.

We are very excited to find out if people are actually going to buy our guided tours.

Just to get into it a bit in advance: you can have two kinds of tours. One of them is when a guide goes with you. Very useful, for obvious reasons – you can experience being Hungarian for a little. The other is when you get a phone and you can go on adventures. If all else fail we can pick you up wherever you arrive. 🙂

That’s it for now. Enjoy the waiting for the list of tours. We have put a lot of thoughts into them so they are going to be something. 🙂


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About the Author: Chris Kovacs

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Much like most people, I like to be all sorts of things.

P.S.: some of articles are edited and co-written by a mysterious person called Tatjana. But I take all the credit.

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