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One of the greatest failures in human history …. nah, that must have been the holocaust or something. Still Google Wave was to revolutionise my communication with other geeks and non-geeks.

Google Wave | The User Interface

Google Wave | The User Interface

As it seemed like a great idea I impatiently waited for some sort of invitation which I can’t remember if I got.

No matter since its support has been vanquished into oblivion. It didn’t even survive as a subculture. How terrible…

Google Wave was too clever, too complex for the avarage user and (dare I say, or for the sophisticated mind: horribile dictu) for the avarage mind.

People tend to imagine very fun conversations with all the participants like sirs. However reality strikes down upon its enemies. The dreamers shall be silenced with:

“My job is a decision-making job, and as a result, I make a lot of decisions.” –George W. Bush

Kidding. I don’t know if he actually said it. Nevertheless we use simple sentences with simple meaning. For this, e-mails has sufficed for the last 40 years and will do for the next 40.

We may use Facebook now where “we can chat but once the person goes offline it changes to ‘messages’ but still looks the same for us” but this is just essentially e-mailing each other in real time.

Facebook | Chat Interface

Facebook | Chat Interface

You can do the exact same thing with gmail. Chat or e-mail or backwards or whatever.

E-mailing, ladies and gentleman (or should I say fillies and gentlecolts).

That’s it every pony. Keep waiting for the cultural revolution of communication. 🙂

Fluttershy | My Little Pony

Fluttershy | My Little Pony

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