World of Tanks

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World of Tanks

World of Tanks

I know that this is not exactly a game review site but what has to be done must be done.

World of Tanks is not particularly my favourite genre. I don’t really like tanks nor shooter games. I’m much like an RTS guy (real time strategy).

Still I have to admit that philosophically this game is what I call a ‘work game’. Whenever I’m stuck or bored I can just maximize it from my taskbar and have a go.

Most games use the CPU 100%, even if they are minimized which is quite annoying. I don’t want to start them again just because I have to (or want to) stop working/relaxing a little. Not with World of Tanks. The menu/garage uses only a small percentage of the CPU or basically none when not active.

So the part where I choose my tank to go to battle with can run all day without slowing my machine down. This must be the invention of the century.

Another great thing is that the game updates pretty often and keeps up with the evolution of computers quite well. Every once in a while a new map or game mode is presented. The last major update even brought improved graphics to us, loyal fans.

The only think I really miss is some kind of global story-line which is so awesome in games like Mass Effect or Dawn of War.

Still the brilliant gameplay and live development process can make me forget all about that little thing.

As a sort of biggest update of all time, developers plan to introduce a big map of the World where we can do some macro management of battles. Along with the soon to come World of Battleships and World of Flying Stuff (Warplanes I think but not sure) this would make a terribly brilliant set of games – maybe the best in history.

What more would a boy want? 🙂

Oh and it’s (somewhat) free. You can try it here:

World of Tanks

World of Tanks

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