Internet in Hungary

So every once in a while my internet connection is down.
(I’ve got mobile-net, muhaha…)

Broken Cable | The internet is down.

Broken Cable | The internet is down.

There was a time, I remember, when it was down for weeks – only because the service provider was improving the network.

I don’t complain. I am just glad I have at least some internet. Still the ‘offering no compensation for the lack of service’ doesn’t seem very western to me.

Internet Usage in Hungary | Service Providers

Internet Usage in Hungary | Service Providers

I often hear about people who get free stuff just because they got upset with some sort of service. We don’t get it here. That’s part of Hungary’s tradition.

Why? – you might ask.

Well, the answer is quite simple. In the socialist era it was the a privilage to be served by the service providers. If you ever went to an office, you better had your best behaviour with you, otherwise you got kicked out without your problem solved.

I expereinced this only as a kid but that’s still the prefered behaviour here (a little better now actually).

Funny when I think about it. Living in the UK for a while showed me how it is when your problem actually get solved and even receive some sort of gift as a compensation.

Every time (not that many) I was like a kid opening his Christmas present. 🙂

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