Counting jews in Hungarian Parliament

“This would be the time in relation to the Gaza conflict, to assess the number of Jewish people who are national security risks for Hungary” – said Gyöngyösi Martin Jobbik representative in Parliament on Monday.

Gyöngyösi Márton (Martin) | Jobbik - right wing party

Gyöngyösi Márton (Martin) | Jobbik – right wing party

Viktor Orban said Gyönyögysi originally anticipated to answer the question: When can we expect the State Department to “stand up for the Palestinians’ suffering?” – reported

Gyöngyösi Martin had this to say: “the Foreign Ministry vitnessed the most disgraceful behaviour when the Zionist ATV, with incredible speed, rushed to swear allegiance to Israel.”

At best it Zsolt Németh secretary of state responded with: the Hungarian government in this conflict is not on either side but we would welcome if the conflict was concluded in peace.

Raoul Wallenberg Association: Shame! (

The Raoul Wallenberg Association has already responded to it with asking: “How long must we, decent people, endure that the Hungarian Parliament everyday, ordinary events are no longer disguised anti-Semitism.”

Schmuck wears a yellow star as encouragement

MPs wearing the yellow star

MPs wearing the yellow star

Fascism appeared in the Hungarian Parliament – Schmuck said on the Straight Talk show. The politicians on the show asked the other parties, their leaders and their members on Tuesday to wear the yellow star on their chest.

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