Oh do I love James Bond for he is so classy. He jumps into a train through a excavator-molded hole then adjusts his tie before going after the bad guy. I’m sure people can understand this. 🙂

James Bond - Skyfall

James Bond – Skyfall

Anyaway, the film. I was afraid after seeing the trailer because altough Mr. Bond was going to make a perfect performance, the villain was to be just so…. gay (not in a homsexual way).

What can I say? The villain was gay – in a good way. What a surprise?

Skyfall was designed for me: high tech stuff ending in a nostalgic classical ending resulting a moral so close to my heart, old things does not necessarely bad and useless.

James Bond - Skyfall | The Villain

James Bond – Skyfall | The Villain

I know sex is a James Bond thing but I am glad this film only referred to it. Don’t judge me, I love porn. It’s just that it is really distracting to watch some of it in an action movie. My thumb was on the imaginary fast forward button and the exact moment I would have pressed it the film moved on. Well done! (from my perspective at least)

It is an awfully good movie even though it lacks details a bit, but you can always fill that with your own imagination. What an old thing: imagination, huh? 🙂

James Bond - Skyfall | The Old Bentley

James Bond – Skyfall | The Old Bentley

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