Street View cars mapping Budapest

The Budapest City Council on Wednesday voted unanimously to allow the Google service to support the introduction of Budapest. The launch of Street View terms is still being examined, it is not decided if the search engine company could be given more favorable conditions.

Google Street View Car

Google Street View Car

National Privacy and Information Protection Authority has requested the Municipal Assembly’s opinion about Street View.

As the vote on Wednesday introduced the Street View feature, the proposal has been decided.

Available street panoramas will make Budapest important in a tourist point of view.

Budapest Street View

Budapest Street View

Three years ago they tried.

Google has launched camera cars in 2009, but Jóri Andrew, the Privacy Commissioner had concerns and the company eventually shut down the street image recording.

Not long after it was revealed that Google cars mapped wifi networks secretly. Google’s data collection was carried out by accident: the company eventually destroyed the data, remove the wifi antenna in vehicles, so the scandal escaped without serious penalties.

While the former Privacy Commissioner in 2011 issued a resolution in connection with the Street View, an agreement could not be reached on the conditions laid down by Andrew Jóri. Jóri since wrote that Google should provide an opportunity for users to have Street View images before publication to be able to ban a specified location – such as houses, gardens front, etc…

It is unknown if Google needs to retake the pictures.

The Google camera cars photographed at the end of last year,  in order to improve the Hungarian road map of the company’s service – digitally collected for example, traffic signs, house numbers, business names. The visual material is a collected “by-product” , in theory it would be suitable for creating Street View panoramas, but such use in connection with Google’s data protection authority has to wait for resolution.

Soon Google can start the street view map of Hungary, but if the case is delayed, the image database would become obsolete, then again they may need to photograph the streets again.

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