A Documentary about Greece II.

Making a low-budget documentary is often quite hard. Having almost unlimited money (I mean something like 1000s of euros) makes the job easier.

Money Bag

Money Bag

However there is less soul in it for with unlimited resources I would just do another Star Wars Prequel. Ups, I mean documentary.

Luckily for this one, budget is almost ready and full. I’m always amazed that people would invest in such small projects. I imagine that I, somehow, don’t deserve it. At this hour, my inner self comes to the rescue and reminds me that I’m good at this.

Also with the budget, I have secured a couple of interviews, so I am going to have things to record.



I expect the footage to be at least 10 hours with some 1500-3000 pictures.

Later I think it would be wise to write about my stuff for anyone who might be curious about  the machines I work with.

Long story short: so far so good… no, not good: awesome! 🙂

(that’s the spirit)

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