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For whom it may concern, this is the general review I got back after sending my CV to a professional site. It’s mostly marketing but they give some good advice.

Enjoy. 🙂


Thank you for submitting your CV for a FREE REVIEW from The CV Site.

One of our CV experts has given your CV a thorough appraisal and your own personal CV critique is outlined below.

Your feedback is split into four key areas: Opening Statement, Layout, Content and Language, Tone and Grammar. Each area has been given a score out of 25. Your overall CV score is out of 100, thus giving you a percentage figure representing your current CV’s potential to stand out and impress employers.

Opening Statement

Score  16/25

Overall assessment

Your opening statement needs to be more concise, focused and to hold more punch.

Areas The CV Site can work on:

  • Accomplishments/strengths/successes – this is your initial pitch, and since most recruiters read a CV in less than a minute, it’s crucial to get this right.  This is the area to boast, sell yourself and grab the employer’s attention. At the moment, your opening statement doesn’t do you justice.
  • Language/tone – the employer is looking for an impersonalised and concise description of what you have to offer him/her. To achieve this, the statement needs to be written as if from a sales brochure – short, snappy and to the point.


Score – 15/25

Overall assessment

Space could be utilised more effectively to make your CV more user friendly, easier on the eye, and to highlight major achievements and skills.

Areas The CV Site can work on:

  • Efficiency of space – employers have limited time to pick out potential job candidates so the shorter the CV the better.  This can be achieved with skilful manipulation of text without compromising on content.
  • Presentation – it’s important to highlight key areas of interest to recruiters, so they focus on your biggest selling points as they scan through your CV. This can be achieved by separating sections more effectively and utilising bolds, italics and bullet points.
  • Formatting – when an employer opens your CV, they want to see a clear and clean document. The CV Site will ensure your CV will be free from ugly formatting errors.


Score – 15/25

Overall assessment

Your experience and skills are impressive, however at the moment, an employer could miss out on key factors that could clinch you an interview, just because of how your content is written.

Areas The CV Site can work on:

  • Marketing yourself – you are selling a product, and the product is YOU. The recruiter has a list of requirements and you need to excel at communicating your ability to fill these requirements. Your current CV needs work to sell you more effectively.  This can be achieved by highlighting major achievements rather than just including job descriptions of previous roles.
  • Linking skills/abilities with achievements – employers want to know your potential ‘worth’ to their company. Ultimately, they’re looking for a return on their investment and currently you are not linking your skills effectively enough to emphasise their value to a future employer. After all, this is what makes you different from everybody else!


Score – 18/25

Overall assessment

To be truly effective your CV needs to be written in the first person, be grammatically correct, include no spelling mistakes and avoid common ‘CV jargon’. Even though you’ve adhered to some of these attributes in your CV, there are areas for improvement.

Areas The CV Site can work on:

  • Spelling/grammar/tone – this needs to be consistent and correct throughout the document. An obvious turn-off for employers is bad grammar and spelling mistakes. Plus, the majority of recruiters want to read a CV that’s written in the first person. We can iron out any inconsistencies while at the same time ensuring your content is short and sharp.
  • Language – employers dislike reading a CV that uses common CV language, that isn’t focussed and not substantiated. The CV Site will ensure your CV is jargon free and that any sweeping statements are backed up with real life evidence.

Your total CV Score – 64/100

Congratulations! Your CV has achieved a Potential Success Rate score of 64%. But is this enough?

Overall, your CV could benefit from being professionally re-written to make you stand out from the crowd and improve your interview opportunities. Currently, I can see that your CV is not doing enough for you to achieve your goal of getting interviews. Your CV is unlikely to be performing as well as it should be on job board searches or automated tracking systems (ATS) that are used by most employers to filter applications.

The Office of National Statistics show that in the last 12 months the average number of job applications per vacancy has risen from 7 to an incredible 37! This means that there has never been a more important time to have your CV professionally written.

If you want your CV to secure you an interview in the current crowded job market, our expert CV writers have the experience, the skills and the knowledge to make your CV prominent and stand out from the competition and give you the chance to shine in front of employers.

 Summing up and based on the information you have provided I can highly recommend our package so why not have a look and see if this is right for you.

So don’t delay, get in touch with us today and let us write your career by calling 0845 094 1950 or visit us at www.thecvsite.co.uk

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