Total Recall

So this film is not about faulty break-pipes or whatnot. This is a 80’s afterparty of endless buildings defying gravity and a unnecessarily big pipe going though the Earth centre which must have been cost at least a million trillion dollars.

I guess they had money after all the wars.

Total Recall | 2012 | Two girls one guy

Total Recall | 2012 | Two girls one guy

So yeah, this is stupid – but the good kind of stupid. I love these kind of sci-fi things. They are so over-the-top awesome that I have just run out of words right now…

I should write something about the film. However I can’t really. I love the fact that it has been made and I absolutely adore it. I just don’t know how it came to life. It doesn’t make any sense. Nowdays, when every film is about 3D and real dialogs and reality and real things, it’s strange to see a classic.

Is it better than the original Totall Recall? Nope. It has Arnold Schwartzenegger in it and Mars. In this film they don’t go to Mars. I was kinda hoping for that one. Still it is closer (I am told) to the novel.

Total Recall | 2012 | A classical sci-fi

Total Recall | 2012 | A classical sci-fi

I think I enjoyed it so much because it has better effects than the older one but still gives me the same feelings.

It is a film where they have interesting names – not Edward and Bella and John and … you know. It has Dougles, Lori, Cohaagen, etc…

Lori is so freakishly hot in this one that it almost hurts. Luckily the fact that she had perfect hairstyle throughout all the chase scenes makes me distracted. Maybe they got the Merida licence from Pixar.

I think next time I will watch it with the original. That would be such fun. 🙂

My only problem: why do they have the same title? Couldn’t they extract something from the “We Can Remember It for You Wholesale” novel title?

Total Recall | 2012 | The new Lori

Total Recall | 2012 | The new Lori

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