Szász Marci (Marcell): the Child Prodigy

Szász Marci | Child Prodigy

Szász Marci | Child Prodigy

Started out as a child prodigy, at the age of six Szász Marci appeared in the Friderikusz TV show in 1993. Since then, much has happened to him. The twenty-five year old Szász Marci had some complicated periods in life, he talked about degrading professors and why he hates Facebook, but why he loves Twitter.

Marci was in a TV show and with 195 IQ emerged not only from his contemporaries, but also from other people (average 100-120).

He finished first class of primary school, and then – with repeatedly accelerated exams – graduated from high school at the age of fifteen. Then, after the regular admission process began his university studies at the age of 16.

From 2003 you studied at the Engineering University of Miskolc, which you have not finished. Why?

I questioned one of my exam results, after which it can be said that they didn’t like me anymore. On the other hand, I have been in the profession in interesting projects, I can gain knowledge of the latest technologies, and by the way, I can have real challenges.

The disadvantage was the fame?

Most of the students’ name do not come up during the first lesson, especially without “knowing” their name. When there are rumors that one or the other instructors from playing a sport that I overthrow exam, it does not feel good. Unfortunately, this was the reality.

Did you live on campus?


How did you feel in a place, which is basically about partying?

I was not in a classic college dorm. Tapolca was a smaller place, where about thirty people lived. There were faces with whom I could consult a professionally, those were the most productive two and a half years in my life.

Then what happened?

I came to Budapest, a startup company called relatively sudden for some experimenting work. Big change, because one day there, the other day here, my life was in a suitcase.

Szász Marci as an adult

Szász Marci as an adult

What about now?

The past years were about getting deeper into highly overloaded website development. The necessary technology background where I am really at home. Dealing with solutions where large and sometimes rudely jumps in attendance, data should be handled.

Do you really work 15-16 hours a day with computers?

It depends. If you have a project, you can do that amount of work, on the other hand, in the profession of lifelong learning is not just a catchy keyword: staying up-to-date is really important.

What do you do when you’re not sitting in front of your monitor?

If I may say so, I hang out with friends, brainstorming, sharing experiences.

181 contacts are on Facebook, how about it?

Almost nothing, I look at it every two weeks, and then I close it quickly.

What is it that you think is good for the Internet?

I love Twitter. There people are not trying to act as if they were interested in each other’s lives in any form. I also use Twitter for professional reasons.

Do you torrent?

Yes, I download things, then I pay for  what I like. Basically, I love those things where I pay for what I like.

What do you think of Anonymous, and of the groups who are fighting for something with computers?

The irregularly striking overload attacks – which Anonymous and many others are doing – are the ones I can not place. The average person does not see anything from it, just that the internet is slow. Their goals are not achieved this way. If you acquire information not available publicly, it’s a gray terrain: obviously not everyone can know all the secrets. They said about WikiLeaks that the leaked info can put people’s lives at risk. I think that if the information is not well protected, they put themselves at risk anyway.

Szász Marci - the Hungarian prodigy now works in IT

Szász Marci – the Hungarian prodigy now works in IT

Did you try hacking?

No. But within the profession I follow the safety technology. The data I menage should be well protected.

People will remember you as the guy with the 195 IQ. Has it been measured since?

No, and I do not care. It’s just a number that can not be described in human terms.

Your messed up my life is now stable?

I would not say that, I live in the Hungarian reality. There was a time when I was worried because of the current problems, but now I just try to survive. I was interviewed by a domestic multinational company where I held my head for they wanted to employ me without a contract. In this regard, which is taking place here, it’s a disaster, and perhaps will be better.

IT in abroad would mean five times, ten times more money. Don’t you want to work elsewhere?

If I’m in America or Germany, and my pocket is full, what what do I do on the weekends? I look at the wall? I have my friends here. For me it is more important than to earn money.

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