A documentary about Greece III.

As I leave on 27th December (2012) I thought I would make a quick post about it.

Altough I try to be as uneducated and open-minded as possible when it comes to the history and currents events of Greece, I can’t help it. I have to expect something.

The things I expect to learn:

  1. new things about the history of Greece
  2. an insight into the average life of a Greek
  3. new kinds of buildings (however I have been to Croatia and Egypt so I have some ideas about them, unfortunately)
  4. what the impact of recession has in the life of Greeks

I do not wish to flatter myself with the hope of discovering something entirely new, never seen before alien-like culture or thing.

I know very well that most of the world has been mapped and there is very little new, one can find. If the world learns nothing new from my work, then that’s that.

However previous experience suggests that things change.

So there is always something new. 🙂

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