Filming in Greece – DAY 1

From Kistarcsa to Thessaloniki

From Kistarcsa to Thessaloniki

If I had to put Greece onto a scale it would be in between Hungary and Egypt – louder than Hungary, less crazy than Egypt.

The culture-shock lasted about a day and a half. Compared to Egypt it was nothing. Egypt still remains the international number one with almost a week.

Driving is very strange – a friend compared it to racing of some sort. Normally traffic-lights go from red to green in about 2-3 seconds with some yellow to prepare you for the start off. In Greece, and I checked it twice, it goes directly from red to green with no yellow whatsoever. It makes me feel as if I was a formula one racer.

I don’t feel much pressure by the other drivers though. It might be due to the fact that I clearly have a foreign license plate but I am not sure if people can notice it very easily. The difference is only one letter – a number (Greece has one more).

Most of Thessaloniki can speak some English – or at least wherever I went people spoke it. I have to admit that I confined myself to the inner city for today.

In the morning I had a very lively discussion about politics and history of the country. It turned out that I am a bit behind in facts – only 2500 years, not very much.

Sadly even though Hungary teaches history and geography of the world, I only have memories about Greece before the Roman Empire. What happened after that? Who knows? Well, appearently Greeks know. 🙂

I think I must educate myself (or let me be educated by others) about recent history concerning the country.

As far as the film goes, I shot some footage of the city in the afternoon and at night. I have yet to video the traffic which in my opinion has to be done to show people what cannot be told.

Considering the amount of data I have collected so far, it’s going to be really hard not to create a film which is solely about how stuff works here.

I tend to let myself to be side-tracked – must work really hard on not to do it.

Well, this concludes today’s events. Altough I would have many other things to write about, I should let some of the information manifest ifself in the actual film, rather than here.

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