Filming in Greece – DAY 2



Why is there a Kesha song in my head? Only cows know but they yet to share their wisdom with me.

Anyways so I can get a very nice slice of pizza for only 80 cents which is sort of a bargain. I believe that the problem of Greece goes further than pizza though.

I gathered some information about people fighting government rule. However it confined to one village so that does not give us any representative result. However live music still has some sort of odd calling-people-to-dance feeling here as it turns out. Of course this last tastement has very little in common with power shortages againts rich districts.

Life has a funny way of planting thoughts in one’s humble head.

There are two streets in Thessaloniki called Melenikou which is rather confusing. However I think one of them has a K in front so it’s not total chaos and mayhem but I felt very close to Satan once I arrived to the wrong address.

Then there is the slightly different alphabet. They say the devil is in the details. Boy, they are right (whoever they might be). I feel like I can almost read it but of course that is just my mind playing tricks on me. Is my mind the devil? Well this escalated quickly so I just stop now before ethernal demnation.

I ate too much today anyway.

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