Filming in Greece – DAY 5



Just found out I will have time to go to Athens. Things are coming together quite nicely. I’m a bit short on interviews but for some reason I think I don’t need them at all.

I realize that people need to feel a documentary is authentic but let’s face it early in the game: it’s always about the director’s opinion. It’s their view, their findings, their logic.

You can’t escape it, can’t run from it and other synonims.

20.000 homless people on the streets, 20% raise in electricity, encouregement to be strong – stuff in the news are familiar, but opposed to Hungary they do not try to paint nice pictures and tell fairy tales anymore.

People are mad but everyone has realized now that unnecerelary hard work is inavoidable.

Or something like that. The good thing in being an outsider is that I have very little responsibility. I like it that way. I am not Jesus, or cows. I am not all knowing.

So I shall present you the facts I find, then you must do the honorable work of deciding.

Good luck Mr. Gorsky.

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