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Economy: Increased

Matolcsy György issued a small business aid program offering 0% base-interest. After this runs through the banks the interest rate will probably go up as far as 2% which is the bargain of the century. I mean I don’t need a loan but if I ever did now would be the time! 🙂 One question […]

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Tab rotation in Google Chrome

Did you know that there is an extention for Google Chrome that (if turned on) rotate between tabs? So in my case there are a couple of pages that are usually open for obvious reasons: 1. Gmail 2. Facebook 3. Calendar After 15 seconds of idle the app starts the rotation. There is a switch […]

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Copy [the new Dropbox]

Nope, I don’t think that this new syncronising utility is better than Dropbox. Nothing is better than Dropbox. However it is considerably cheaper – well free, to be honest. It offers 5GB if you register and then some more if you share it on twitter or get your buddies to sign up. So now my […]

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Flash vs. Z-index

Some time ago I was making a new index page for – the whole cowforsaken day. Why? Simply because my Flash content didn’t want to work with the floating divs on it. For some reason most browsers (except Google Chrome) think that a flash embed must be over everything – text, containers, images, whatnot. […]

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Why Travel To Hungary?

Visit the Crossroads of Europe – Where East & West Meet Hungary lies at the crossroads of Europe. It sits in the Carpathian Basin which has been invaded, conquered and reconquered numerous times, including by the Magyars – what Hungarians call themselves – who decided to take up residence for over 1,100 years. Consider that […]

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