Flash vs. Z-index

Some time ago I was making a new index page for ckg.hu – the whole cowforsaken day. Why? Simply because my Flash content didn’t want to work with the floating divs on it.

For some reason most browsers (except Google Chrome) think that a flash embed must be over everything – text, containers, images, whatnot.


I don’t know, neither does the internet. I’m sure I’m not a bigshot front-end developer but I can’t believe nobody thought it would be necessary to have a facebook like button over a flash conent…

Oh, good news, Opera shows drop-down list items – but not buttons, text-fields or radio buttons… Lovely.

So even if I think that Chrome users could benifit my buttons over the flash content, poor Opera users will go “what?!”.

I’m confortable with hiding my creation completely under a flash animation but I can’t be that cruel to just leave a simple drop-down menu…

Screw this, I give up.

I’m going to put my content elsewhere.

You have won this round Browser Army but soon…

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