Making Subtitles for a Film

Do you know how hard it is? Of course you do. Perhaps you have done it before, I would believe you if you told me you had done it.

But have you ever tried to handle subtitles in Greek? Okay, so if you are Greek this is probably an easy task for you – but I can’t speak Greek.

To be precise I’m talking about English subtitles and Greek audio.

Why is editing a challenge if there are subtitles? – you might ask.

Let me ask you a couple of questions about it:

1. What if you want to cut a sentence in half but you miss an imporant word (because you don’t know the grammar)?
2. What if you want to cut but the subtitles is in the way?
3. Would you handle subtitles separately or burnt in the video feed?
4. If you handle them separately, how can you be sure that the timing is correct?

I don’t say it’s impossible to work with subtitles with an unknown language but it’s pretty damn hard.

Of course: who wouldn’t like the challenge?

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