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Headache in 3D

Did you know I can design headaches in Blender? They are quite lovely. I’m going to teach you. Step 1: Create a scene with some object Step 2: Make them reflective (but just a little) Step 3: Import a 1750 frame long bluescreen test footage Step 4: Hope it will render soon Step 5: Nope… […]

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Computers in Bulk

50 computers arrived to the school (where I’m the sys-admin) but only 95% of them has a 500GB hard drive. The rest are proud owners of 320GB ones. So how come? They came together on one pallet… Oh and you can’t clone to those bastards from the other drives. They have the same specifications, except […]

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No New Computers for Schools

Because Hungary is doing better than ever, the government decided to put a stop to IT purchases in schools. It means that if a computer dies (which happens all the time if we talk about 100-500 computers in an average school) then the school cannot buy spare parts, let alone new computers to replace the […]

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