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News Portal Caused Gov. to Hire Lawyers

A Hungarian news portal, “” publised an article about an under-secretary (of the FIDESZ goverment), Győri Tibor, who created a minuteman group aimed against news portals and agencies. He says that some articles have untrue data (and give untrue facts to the people), therefore agencies must be stopped. Publishing news should be regulated – say […]

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Budapest: most affordable in EU

The British Post Office Travel Money has just released their 2013 City Costs Barometer comparing the costs of 25 European Capitals for tourists. And this year’s winner is Budapest! We knew Budapest was affordable, but this cost comparison really crystallizes the affordability of the Hungarian capital. The barometer takes into consideration such costs as for […]

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Although we didn’t have to, it is time to announce our new (not military) operation which has the name: Desert Cow. During this campaign we are going to complete the following list: Produce the web series: Travel to Hungary – Season 1 Produce the web series: Unknown Countries – Season 1 Produce the web series: Angoltanár Angliából […]

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