Although we didn’t have to, it is time to announce our new (not military) operation which has the name: Desert Cow.

  • During this campaign we are going to complete the following list:
  • Produce the web series: Travel to Hungary – Season 1
  • Produce the web series: Unknown Countries – Season 1
  • Produce the web series: Angoltanár Angliából – Season 1 (this is a Hungarian show)
  • Produce the web series: Computer Guy – Season 1, Episode 1 and 2
  • Complete the webpage: ckg.hu/travel-to-hungary
  • Complete the webpage: ckg.hu/angoltanar-angliabol
  • Finish and test the documentary: Egypt and Back
  • Produce the short film: Hungary Bloom
  • Produce the web series: ckg.hu | TV – Season 4
  • Produce the web series: ckg.hu | TV – Season 5

If this is not enough, then we are sorry to disappoint. 🙂 If you would like to be updated on these events, please follow us on facebook or twitter. Or just come back to this website and have fun.

Totem Poles, Monument Valley

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About the Author: Chris Kovacs

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Much like most people, I like to be all sorts of things.

P.S.: some of articles are edited and co-written by a mysterious person called Tatjana. But I take all the credit.

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