Budapest: most affordable in EU

The British Post Office Travel Money has just released their 2013 City Costs Barometer comparing the costs of 25 European Capitals for tourists. And this year’s winner is Budapest!

We knew Budapest was affordable, but this cost comparison really crystallizes the affordability of the Hungarian capital. The barometer takes into consideration such costs as for meals, drinks, sightseeing, city travel and hotel accommodation.
Consider that travel costs in Budapest are just 39% of Amsterdam’s, 43% of London’s, 59 % of Berlin’s and 80% of Prague’s.

Closer to Budapest is Vienna, just a two and a half hour train ride away, Budapest costs are only 57% of Vienna’s. To sum it up, Budapest is and will continue to be a great value to travelers.

As an added bonus, imagine how affordable the Hungarian countryside is right now. Costs there are in are only 60-70% of Budapest ones. It’s time to hit the road, rails and trails throughout Hungary. There will never be a better time!

edited by CHRIS KOVACS
source from POSTOFFICE.CO.UK
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