Director Archetypes

I know I’m not the most qualified* person to create theories about film directors but I do it anyway.

In my little world there are two types of film directors.

1. The Literary Director
It is your usual hipster who is all about metaphors and art and usually has no clue about CGI and the technology of film. Their advantage is the great appreciation of literature and probably reads lots of books. They quite well-read and easy going for they understand how little they know about the technology part. They can be amazed even by little things.
For instance, Ridley Scott falls in to this category in my opinion.

2. The Technical Director
James Cameron could be a good example. The technical director knows all about cameras and equipment, probably is well-read about CGI and other effects.
They have a very technical view of the “film”. To them, it is like a car engine that must be designed perfectly and should work according to expectations.

*.: probably there are movie-philosophers that are a bit more qualified. 🙂

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