Celebrity Opinon Matters

I find it very interesting that people take celebrities seriously.

It’s both strange and dangerous. Take me as an example. I’m not a celebrity. Nobody cares about what I’m saying. I have no sensible weight in the community.

That means that I’m stupid. Or does it?

Many brilliant mathematicians are lost to us because they were born in an unknown village in India or China. It doesn’t seem too much of a loss though.

Our world is advancing on an alarming rate. It doesn’t matter if my word will not be taken into account.

It doesn’t if a celebrity gives us bad advice. Let’s face it: that all the kind of advice they give. They seem to me the most horrible people ever. They divorce, ignore or spoil their kids, influence a lot of shallow, ignorant people.

Yet our world is advancing on an alarming rate.

What I have to say, doesn’t really matter.

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