USB SATA Docking Stations

Years ago I bought a SATA docking station for my HDDs. For those of you who don’t know why it might be good, here: it has a separate power adapter and (more importantly) you can switch it off and swap hard drives without restarting your computer.

It only costs about 20+ dollars or something. It’s a cheap alternative to those very expensive server houses with special hot-swap technology.


I say, if something can be obtained with less money, one should obtain it with less money.

Anyway, mine has a special soul: I have to unplug the USB cable between HDD swaps. First it was frustrating until I figured it out.

A HDD has a metal cover. It’s great for cooling, unless it’s in a confined space with 7 other HDDs. With the USB docking station it only works for the time I need it to work and most of it is out in the air.

Even a small breeze can cool it very efficiently.

When you use two of these, make sure you use different USB controllers. What I mean is that a computer can have up to 8 USB ports but they are in two groups. Your USB hard drive or docking station must be in different groups.

Otherwise it can become slow or the connection might drop.

Interesting fact: you can find docking stations which can hold up to 4 HDDs. Awesome.


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