Strasbourg Allows Banning of Hungarian National Guard


The human rights committee in Strasbourg found that banning the Hungarian National Guard does not violate the 11th paragraph of the human rights treaty of the European Union.

The National Guard is a paramilitary organisation created by extreme right-wing activists. What did they do? They offered help, where the government failed.

In many places, Gypsy criminals threatened Hungarian citizens, and since the National Guard hates gypsies on a daily basis, they rushed there, and while acting violently they solved the problem.

Are they really dangerous? The government did not want to bother researching it, they banned the organisation using their only weapon: paperwork.

Since the National Guard acts like a military organization and this is prohibited in the Republic of Hungary, the government was able to shut them down easily. The guard as a last attempt turned to the European Court of human rights.

They failed.

Should we be happy that such an extremist organization cannot function or should we be worried that the government can stop anything that it doesn’t like?

The motives of the guard can be questionable, but so does the government’s.

The government of Hungary can push through unwanted laws and basically can do what ever it wants and judging by the example of the National Guard, the people cannot.

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