Am I a Patriot?

While I’m doing my show about Hungarian politics on YouTube, I often think about whether I am a patriot, or I just simply hate my country.
hungary-budapest[1]The answer is not that obvious.

I often painted devastating picture regarding my country, and I my self refuse to become a politician to solve these problems I see.

However you have to understand that I am not against my country, and I would nothing better then to give people good news but I strongly feel that I have to talk about, and I have to show what is real.

I don’t want to make excuses for myself though. People who criticise their country often do it to help. I believe that everyone, even the government, is looking for a way to help the country. There are people who are more qualified than others. I believe that the current government in 2013 is not capable of making the right decisions. I do not think that their incapability is intentional. I know that, like most of other governments, they would like to steal money from the people. I see nothing wrong with that in general. Businesses often do the same.
orban-epMy problem is, that businesses – even though they want profit more than anything in the world – they still help the world to advance. How ever, our government refuses to aid advancement, on an ideological level. Sadly, in a troubled economy, such such ours, cannot balance this out.

Here comes the fundamental downside of democracy: in the next election, people may not want change.

For almost 1000 years Hungary was ruled by Kings and we are used to this. Our democracy is still young and we have to learn a lot.
hungary-budapest[1]Unfortunately, there is no time to learn. In this day and age the world is spinning so fast that if we stop to learn, it will leave us behind.

But how can I help my country? Is making YouTube shows enough?

I think that if I publish my videos they might become popular. If they become popular important people might pick up on it. By important people, I mean politicians in the European Union. If they watch my show, they might be able to experience the problems of Hungary through me.

Having that experience might help them to deal with us.

Believe me when I say, Hungarians are very stubborn people. We are proud of our history, we are proud of our role in the world. We value our creativity and our resourcefulness.

There may be other ways for me to help my country, but this is what I choose to do.
trianon1I would not be a good politician or an economist, but I would like to believe that I am a good filmmaker and as a filmmaker I can show you what I think you should see.

Am I a patriot? In my head, I am. I hope that whatever I do will make my country a better place.

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