How long does it take to make a | TV episode?

Normally it only takes a couple of hours to make an episode. Usually I start with getting the ideas which is impossible to time because I don’t know when or where I get them. After this, of course, shooting takes place when I have the chance to talk about the topic of my choosing. I usually write some questions to myself in the script, which I try to answer.
Samsung-Smart-Tv[1]Sadly, I often don’t have time to check whether I’m satisfied with how and what I talk about. Other projects, that produce money directly, are always a priority.

When it comes to editing, I have two options. Either I am lazy or I take the time to gather additional pictures or footage. Even the lazy way takes at least one or two hours. This might not seem like a very long time, but when it comes to editing, that uses 100% of my mind, I get tired easily. You could argue that I should include the downtime in these calculations, but I have a different opinion: resting is resting. It does not count as work.

So after editing comes the process of rendering when the computer – alone – produces the whole video, based on my editing. Along with the basic preprocessing of all my videos, it takes about three or four.

Of course, if I made any mistakes I have to go back and correct them. And then render the whole video again.

Uploading to YouTube is not a very complicated process. An average video takes about an[1]
If I had more time probably I could produce even more engaging shows. However, it all comes down to time, doesn’t it? “If only I had more time…”

So if you find a mistake in the show it is probably the result of the lack of my time. There is one thing though: every episode makes me a little bit better at what I do. So if we wait long enough, the mistakes will go away.

As I stated in my show several times, I produce these things for practice. That is my salary, my profit. Let me tell you, it’s worth it. Of course, I could talk about the social aspect of my show, meaning that I meet a lot of people who I can talk to. That alone would be enough for me to go on, but the possibility that I can become better in my profession is… Awesome.

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