Hungary vs. the European Union

The European Union has an interesting parent – child relationship with Hungary. Since our economy is in horrible shape. We rely heavily on European Union aids. In recent years every major construction project has used EU money. This means that we should feel grateful towards our parent.

Our governments newest propaganda is against this horrible oppression. Where is the oppression part? – You might ask.EuroParl[1]Dear reader, you have to understand that we are part of a big union of states. To us it is very much like the Soviet Union. We hated the Soviet Union. So every time the EU starts talking about our mistakes, horrible memories come to the surface.

Western European countries expect us to be an adult state, but we are only 20 years old. Our history is more than one thousand years but we have been a democracy only in the last 20. I always imagine Hungary as a teenager. We want to have our own way, we want to make our own mistakes.

This was all right up until the recession of 2008. Since then, the EU can’t allow mistakes. So we have to grow up quickly. I understand that this is a difficult process. Most Hungarians don’t like it, simply because they believe this is another way to control us.

I don’t think that the EU wants us to become a colony – no matter how much the government propaganda is trying to suggest this.99297922hungarianparliament[1]The very problem lies in the theory of being a standalone country. As a country with no authority over us, we can do whatever we want to do. This gives us freedom to succeed then to share the prize with nobody, but this also gives us the chance to fail, and the EU can’t do anything to stop it.

It is difficult to see my country in a time like this. In one moment, I wish that we were colony of another Western European country, therefore having control over our government. This way we might be able to stop before going bankrupt. In the next moment I don’t wish that. I would very much like to indulge in the success of ancient Hungary, when we were feared by all the countries of Europe. We were a little bit like the USA Today with all the power and influence.

Most of the time. I’m just glad that the EU is willing to put up with us, even when we are most stubborn.

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