How expensive computers do I really need?

When my parents bought me my first computer, it cost about $1000. Now that whenever I have to buy a new computer, it is about $200.n_hp-pc-dc7700-e2160-18ghz2gb80gbdvdrw-hasznalt_69563_1[1]Computers used to evolve so rapidly and the need for computing power was so great that if I bought a computer, probably in a year, it became outdated. Nowadays, the evolution of computers slowed down.

Having the latest machine is not cost-effective any more, since even a $100 used computer has enough power to browse the Internet and watch some videos. Of course, when I say this, I realise I will soon be burned for being a heretic.

People I know still by $1000 worth of technology and then they don’t use it. So there you go: if you buy cheap computers you’ll be a[1]But it is time for you to get out of the Matrix and really think about how you use your computers because you might realise that you have a $2000 Facebook machine.

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