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Update on New Studio

Dear everyone, I wanted to make a post about that we are still in business and currently doing some research, mostly me. As you may know, I recently moved to another office – a studio if you will. Right now I’m running tests about lighting and sound. When I’m finished with all of them I […]

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National Tobacco Shops from Sex Industry

A couple of months ago our all-knowing government decided that smoking must be regulated in Hungary, therefore, they set a plan into motion to reorganize the tobacco industry. In the process they allowed people to compete for existing stores, which were already in possession of family businesses. When the competition ended, families found themselves on […]

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Strasbourg Allows Banning of Hungarian National Guard

The human rights committee in Strasbourg found that banning the Hungarian National Guard does not violate the 11th paragraph of the human rights treaty of the European Union. The National Guard is a paramilitary organisation created by extreme right-wing activists. What did they do? They offered help, where the government failed. In many places, Gypsy […]

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The Noble Rot

In a nation full of outstanding wines, Tokaj stands above the rest. The Tokaj wine region is tucked into the northern uplands of Hungary, just 55km (35 miles) east of Miskolc. (more…)

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