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US President Obama Still Wants to Intervine (?)

Declaring himself “war-weary” but determined to hold Syria accountable for using banned chemical weapons, President Barack Obama said Friday he was considering a limited response to what U.S. intelligence assessed with “high confidence” as a Syrian attack that killed more than 1,400 people. Questions: using weapons in your own country, against your very own […]

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British Gov.: No War!

The United Kingdom is out of the (possibly) upcoming war on Syria. British Prime Minister David Cameron’s decision to opt out of an attack on Syria left the Obama administration largely on its own as it continued to build its case, at home and internationally, for a coalition-backed military strike to punish the Syrian regime […]

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Government Head Left Syria

Bashar Al-Assad leaving Damascus and landing on AlKumani’s Airport Iran Read more at This is confirmed by multiple sources if we can believe them. Could this mean that he is guilty or just afraid? One thing is sure: a conflict is extremely serious if the leader leaves the country.  2,819 total views

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