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The Most Loyal, The Most Faitful Studying a map of Hungary you will see a small piece of it – about 80km west of Győr – jutting into Austria. This piece of land contains Sopron, a city of 60,000 inhabitants known as “the most historic town in Hungary.” The reason for this has to do […]

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The Avengers

I believe that the “Avengers” is the shallowest film I have ever seen. If I put myself into the director’s chair, if I came up with this story; people would say I’m a truly untalented person. It’s very sad that names of superheroes and marketing can produce something like this and achieve success. There are […]

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  Moon is the type of sci-fi that doesn’t appeal to you with special effects, but rather with story and moral issues. Watching it makes me feel sad every single time. While I would never weep for classics such as the Star Wars prequels, I would really consider crying on this one. This film, in […]

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Syria: Talk Is the Solution

New York Times: Syria’s deputy foreign minister, Fayssal Mekdad, said Tuesday that his government aimed to negotiate an end to the country’s civil war by talking with a broad range of Syrians, from religious and community leaders to peaceful opposition groups, dismissing the main Western-backed exile opposition as having little influence on the ground. […]

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