Syria Denies Claims

Syrian Parliament

Syrian Parliament

The Syrian government has denied that it used chemical weapons in the August 21 attack, saying that jihadists fighting with the rebels used them in an effort to turn global sentiments against the regime.

I think this shows us the basic issue when the international community is debating about intervening in a nation’s internal problems.

After so many days, after all the evidence has gone, all we have are official records and memory. Both the government and the rebels deny the charges of using chemical weapons and try to blame it on the other party.

I still worry about the civilian population of Syria, and think that war is wrong, but the nation’s internal conflict cannot be helped by an outside party, that’s why it’s called an internal conflict.

The cold war gave us plenty of examples of “using internal conflicts to create war zones” by both superpowers and I can’t remember if that turned out to be good or not.

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