The Great Gatsby


It is easy to criticise a film when you are not in the mood to watch it, you instantly become grumpy and hateful. I guess I wasn’t really in the mood to watch The Great Gatsby because I hated it.

I still think all the beautiful visuals are wasted on such a simple and mundane story. I haven’t seen it in 3-D – that’s always a plus. I also haven’t read the book.

I wasn’t really interested in any of the characters, even though at least Gatsby seemed very interesting and mysterious. I found myself instantly hating the main character, played by Tobey Maguire – though I have to be honest, I hate the guy on site and when I see him I just instantly want to punch him in the face. Probably, he’s a nice guy and wouldn’t deserve it, but he has this “annoying smile”… I wonder if this character was played by another actor…

Leonardo DiCaprio gives an adequate performance. But to see the same character, I would only have two watch Quentin Tarantino’s Django Unchained.

So I was watching this mundane love story with great visuals and I got bored.

Other than that, I have nothing against the film.


I found the use of modern music brilliant. Usually I love these sort of “out of place” pieces of art. I expect this is the reason why I love sci-fi so much. Music in this film can be easily treated as a sci-fi or fantasy element.

If I ever have time I’ll make sure I watch all the adaptations listed here:

The Great Gatsby (1926 film), a silent film starring Warner Baxter and Lois Wilson
The Great Gatsby (1949 film), starring Alan Ladd and Betty Field
The Great Gatsby (1974 film), starring Robert Redford as Gatsby and Mia Farrow as Daisy
The Great Gatsby (2000 film), a TV film starring Paul Rudd as Nick Carraway, Toby Stephens as Gatsby, and Mira Sorvino as Daisy

I wonder if all love these would seem shallow and mundane.

One last thing. Some scenes feel grand and expensive, but most of the film feels cheap, especially when it comes to interior sets. I’m curious if anybody else gets this feeling.

All in all, I’d try to watch it again in the near future and see if I can update this article and give a more positive review.


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