Troubles with Windows 8


My problem with Windows 8 starts with me being a system administrator. Because of the fact that I know my way around computers, I tend to use different programs than most people. And I like to organise them and handle them the way I like it.

This is what Windows 8 doesn’t allow me to do. Therefore, in my eyes, Windows has become an Apple product, the developers want to think for me and I don’t like it at all.

Windows used to be a very simple operating system. It allowed me to run programs developed by other companies and customise everything however I see fit.

I used to wait eagerly for my desktop to load and then start the programs I loved, but now in Windows 8 the desktop became secondary. So if I want to use beam does as I did before I have to this. Keep the, now primary, Metro style surface and go straight to – Bob Bass, eliminating the main feature of Windows 8, therefore I can just stick with the old Windows 7.

I believe Windows 7 is the last operating system representing the classical air of computers. Nowadays companies want to sell hardware products (such as tablets) and the software becomes secondary.

I understand that a well-thought-through system is appealing to people, to general users, but why isn’t there something that would appeal to the so called “experts”?


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