Zsory Furdo – Healing Waters


 The entrance to Zsory Furdo

The entrance to Zsory Furdo

If there is one essential ingredient for life in this world it is water. The majority of the earth’s land mass is covered with water. Human beings are mainly made up of water, a person can go on a hunger strike for weeks on end, but going without water for more than a day is almost unthinkable.

In the modern age, water sometimes seems to be a forgotten resource or it is so plentiful that its critical role in life is often overlooked. When is the last time anyone talked about drilling for water? Yet every day there is news about oil drilling.
Hungary has hardly any oil, but that has never stopped exploration. This has led to some surprising and unintended consequences. For instance during the winter of 1939, four kilometers (2.4 miles) west of Mesokovesd, exploratory drilling for oil was taking place on the estate of Lajos Zsory.

The drillers struck an unbelievable gusher, but not of oil. A geyser of thermal water came exploding out of the ground at a temperature of 68 degrees Celsius (154 F). 3,000 liters of water per minute were spewing forth. In a few weeks this increased to 5,000 liters.

Hungary has had very few discoveries of such drama. This auspicious start led Mr. Zsory to have a thermal well built. In the early days the Zsory discovery was marketed as mineral water. Then just eighteen months after the discovery, the first thermal pool was constructed. This grew into the Zsory Furdo (Zsory Bath) thousands visit today.
Testing of the water revealed an incredible degree of mineral content. The water’s sulfur content emanates an odor of rotten eggs that is still discernible today by those driving along the nearby highway. The smell may be bad, but the water has some miraculous curative powers, due to the concentration of hydrogen, magnesium, and bicarbonate.

It is one of the most notable medicinal bath complexes in the whole of Hungary. The water at Zsory is especially well regarded for its ability to sooth the aching joints for those suffering from rheumatoid arthritis. Since that first pool was constructed in 1940, multiple pools have been added.

The bath and pool waters range in temperature from 24 C (75 F) to 37 C (98 F). In 1983 Zsory Furdo was declared a spa. The facilities can accommodate over 8,000 visitors on a daily basis. This offers soakers a more personalized, but no less therapeutic experience.
Zsory Furdo is a place to reflect on water’s critical role in sustaining life. The search for oil may receive all the glory and media attention, but life was present on earth thousands of years before it was ever discovered. Without water there would be no life. And with the water at Zsory we can heal ourselves and truly enjoy life.

 One of the many pools at Zsory Furdo

One of the many pools at Zsory Furdo

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