kép7Moon is the type of sci-fi that doesn’t appeal to you with special effects, but rather with story and moral issues.

Watching it makes me feel sad every single time. While I would never weep for classics such as the Star Wars prequels, I would really consider crying on this one.

This film, in style, is very similar to 2001 a space Odyssey, especially considering speed. Also, there are no great bottles that will take place near the end. It’s all about one man’s struggle to survive.

Although the great reveal comes very quickly and without much drama or anticipation, this is the point when I always realise that this is not a mystery story, this is a psychological one.

I don’t fully understand why Kevin Spacey is in this movie though, especially because we never see him, he’s just a robot. Perhaps they needed a big name to sell the film. I’m not saying that the robot isn’t brilliant, and using emoticons doesn’t work; I just don’t think he is needed; voice-wise.

At some points you have to do forgive the mistakes in the film, and if you don’t get caught up and can move on, then everything will be okay.

I wouldn’t go as far as saying that this is an excellent movie, but if you love sci-fi, it’s worth to check it out.


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