The Avengers


I believe that the “Avengers” is the shallowest film I have ever seen. If I put myself into the director’s chair, if I came up with this story; people would say I’m a truly untalented person.

It’s very sad that names of superheroes and marketing can produce something like this and achieve success.

There are positive aspects, of course: special effects people are truly awesome.

I read a lot of articles complaining about the CGI in the film, but let us be honest with ourselves: regarding special effects we have come very far in the past 10 years. That alone is truly amazing.

I understand James Cameron’s* fascination with technology and sometimes I watch Avatar, just to see the special effects. The same is true for the Avengers.

But tell me: how bad is it that I have to scroll through the dialogues? What does it tell about the filmmakers?


Look, I would be the last one to distrust high budget films and would suggest that you don’t go see them, but what’s enough, it’s enough.

I really wish that the producers would give a couple of hundred bucks to some decent screenwriter to write proper dialogues and the logical story.

I am not a film critic, I’m not here to talk about the film itself and analyse its content. I’m here to tell you what this film makes me think.

I’m not saying that we should stop making movies with high budget. My point is that we should find better writers. I understand how hard it is to create a film from scratch. You have to have years and years of experience, even if you are the most talented guy in the universe. However, there are 7 billion people on this earth. There is a high chance that some talent scout would discover somebody with the proper imagination.

*.: Not the director of The Avengers

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