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About the Greek Protests

I wanted to summerise what this Greek crisis is all about at the very beginning, before it’s too late. Wikipedia says: The 2010–12 Greek protests were a series of demonstrations and general strikes taking place across Greece. The protests, which began on 5 May 2010, were sparked by plans to cut public spending and raise taxes […]

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Troubles with Windows 8

My problem with Windows 8 starts with me being a system administrator. Because of the fact that I know my way around computers, I tend to use different programs than most people. And I like to organise them and handle them the way I like it. This is what Windows 8 doesn’t allow me to […]

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    Visegrad is a stunning sight. Hungarian King Bela IV could not have selected a better spot to build a fortress/palace than atop a rocky crag overlooking the Danube far below. Actually there was quite a long history at the place long before it became the seat of Hungarian royalty. The Romans were the […]

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Zsory Furdo – Healing Waters

  If there is one essential ingredient for life in this world it is water. The majority of the earth’s land mass is covered with water. Human beings are mainly made up of water, a person can go on a hunger strike for weeks on end, but going without water for more than a day […]

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How to learn vocabulary?

Most people worry about vocabulary rather than grammar, which could be a mistake when learning a language. It doesn’t matter if you know all the words when you can’t make a sentence that makes sense. Vocabulary is a big part of learning a language, but it has its place and it is not the beginning […]

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