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The Great Gatsby

It is easy to criticise a film when you are not in the mood to watch it, you instantly become grumpy and hateful. I guess I wasn’t really in the mood to watch The Great Gatsby because I hated it. I still think all the beautiful visuals are wasted on such a simple and mundane […]

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UN Refugee Agency

Maybe instead of using an unknown help, people could donate to a well-known agency. The Office of the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees was established on December 14, 1950 by the United Nations General Assembly. In more than six decades, the agency has helped people restart their lives. Today, a staff of more than […]

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Cables in IT.

A large number of people get confused quite easily, when it comes to computer cables, because there are so many of them. But let’s face it, computers are designed by smart people, and they always try to come up with foolproof methods. If we believe that designers are smart, we could also believe that every […]

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How to pronounce Hungarian?

First, let me say something very important: my Hungarian pronunciation is excellent. It would be easy to disregard this solely because of the fact that I am Hungarian. But not every Hungarian has an excellent pronunciation. Just like in English, we have slang, lack of education or discipline, and many other factors – including shyness […]

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Syrian Relief Fund Syrian Relief Fund(SRF) was established in 2013 by a group of local Syrians trying to make a difference to the suffering of Syrian civilians. Our main aim is to tackle the URGENT health and food needs. SRF will work with various charitable organisations and our work will cover both local and overseas charity work. […]

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Syria’s Toys

Russia has put forward a proposal to prevent military action against Syria – it has asked the Syrian government to put its chemical weapons stockpiles under international control and then have them destroyed. But how feasible would this be? Kid analogy: we heard you throw a toy at little Jimmy, now give us all your […]

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