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A Kingdom of Confidence Nyíregyháza offers a microcosm of the 19th and early 20th century Hungarian urban environment. Its architectural style is a fine example of a nation in full command of its creative self during the heady days of the Austro-Hungarian Dual Monarchy (1867 – 1914). It is not usually included on the well-trodden […]

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As It Has Always Been We will never know what the first people to come upon the thermal lake at Hévíz thought. They would have had no knowledge of the natural plumbing which causes an unfathomable 60 million liters of water to gurgle up to the surface daily. They would not have known that the […]

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Of Light And Darkness Balatonfüred is the kind of place that makes you wish you were born there. There is something about this town set on the sloping hills north of Lake Balaton that seems to fill visitors with happiness. Perhaps it is the bluish green water of Lake Balaton, expansive and alluring with a […]

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Claimed By History The westernmost portion of Hungary may well be its most beautiful. Hugging the Austrian and Slovenian borders, the Őrség Region is home to timeless villages and a charming landscape of valleys, meadows and forested hills. If you want to step back in time to experience Hungary the way it was in past […]

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Győr The city of Győr lies in one of Hungary’s most prosperous economic areas. It is situated not far from both the Austrian and Slovakian borders. The cities of Vienna and Bratislava are about an hour away and are a critical part of Győr’s economic hinterland. The city is home to a large Audi factory […]

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What Legends Are Made Of Tiszafüred sits just a few kilometers east of Lake Tisza. The lake was created a half century ago by the damming of the Tisza River for irrigation purposes. As you gaze out across a wide expanse of blue water take some time to consider another historic damming of the Tisza. […]

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Delusion and Darkness On the very edge of Hungary, right along the Austrian border stands the small village of Velem. There is a church high on a hill that can be seen from far away. The village is set amid the forested slopes of the Kőszeg Mountains. This is a quintessentially romantic landscape. A wild, […]

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Visegrád II

The Prince of Darkness at Peace It was during his reign as Voivode of Wallachia that he showed a level of cruelty unmatched in medieval history. The list of those who suffered his wrath was long and without prejudice: rich landowning boyars, Saxons, the Ottoman Turks, Hungarian nobles, peasants and the destitute were among the […]

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A Day at the Beach Csopak is a thriving village due to its location along the shore of Lake Balaton, Less than 10 km (6 miles) from nearby Balatonfüred, water and wine have been central to the growth of this village with a population of just over 1,500. Most visitors rush towards the waterfront, taking […]

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