Memorising Words

You and I both know that stupidity is the answer, just like for anything else. If clever and complicated things were interesting to us, humans, we would be an all knowing, academic society. However, we aren’t.

Our brains like stupid things and notions because they are abstract. The more abstract and crazy it is, the more we are drawn to it.


I know that it is probably a stupid thing to say but perhaps this is why blondes are so popular. Dumb is cute and funny.

For some reason our advanced mind like being fooled. That’s why we can learn words in a foreign language the non-logical way.

We can’t learn in a straightforward manner. Handwritten dictionaries aren’t very useful. Dictionaries with pictures in them could seem better, but they are not. The only thing that can help you on the way, in my experience, is stories.

Everyone loves a good story and sentences in the language tell us stories. It’s easier to learn through understanding and strange imagery.

Think about this sentence: “a purple elephant withdraws some cash-ducks in the bank”.

This above is indeed a sentence in English. It contains quite a few unrelated words. While your brain is trying to decipher the meaning and imagine the situation, it will unavoidably store some information. This might lead some people to remember elephants, ducks, withdrawing or purple. Some strange individuals may learn the word “bank” from this.

My example might be stupid or mundane. It may not resemble real life at all. But I hope you get the point, and I can get you to work on some sentence making.

You don’t have to make sense. The crazier it gets, the more chance you have to remember some of it.


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About the Author: Chris Kovacs

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