Top 5 Facts about the Hungarian Language

In case you were wondering, this top list is not a scientific standard of Hungarian, it’s just my little list of things I like, mostly in grammar.

1. Conjugations
Hungarian uses conjugations to the extreme. Using only the rules of conjugations, you can create any word. Of course, most of the time it’s an overkill. The longest word is megszentségteleníthetetlenségeskedéseitekért , which simply means “for yourincorruptibility”.

2. No verbs in sentences
It is easier to talk with verbs, but Hungarian mastered the skill of talking only with nouns. Who needs to explain the process when you can simply state the resolution. It’s not a great way to teach, but it is an effective way to share information.

3. The letter E
If you practice it a little, you can talk with words that have only the vowel “e” in them. Let me give you an example:
“egy ezermesternek nevezett kecske,mely nem fekete. Lehetetlen helyzetekbe keveredve, ezzel szemben tettekben nem jeleskedett.”

4. Cursing
It is an artform that is hard to miss. Anyone who’s talking loudly is probably using curse words. But really cursing requires creativity. The best known people who swear are the Székely in Transylvania.

5. History
Although the Kingdom of Hungary stood for more than 500 years, most of our kings weren’t Hungarian. The house of Árpád, our leader who led us to the Carpathian Basin, died out, after merely 200 years of ruling. Yet almost all our kings spoke perfect Hungarian.


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