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Jawbone of Contention Rudabánya is a place where you can ponder the depths, the depths of human and scientific history. Tucked into the Cesrhat Hills north of Miskolc, at one time this village was a mining center. The mine brought more than iron ore to the surface. It also excavated the remains of one of […]

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Looking around many small towns and cities in Hungary you will notice the Baroque architectural style predominates in the majority of the oldest buildings. It seems as though each little village or town has one or two churches dating to the 1700’s. The Habsburg influence is writ large upon the landscape. Yet there are notable […]

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The Brightest Shadow of All Gödöllő is filled with ghosts. Ghost’s that cast shadow and light in unequal measure. These ghosts have voices, voices of the past that speak in familiar and foreign tongues. Walk into this world and listen to fluent Hungarian being spoken. It is intermixed with broken Hungarian words, spoken with a […]

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We Cannot Escape History Arriving on the outer edge of Székesfehérvár you are greeted by high rise apartment complexes. They are as much a monument to what happened here during World War II as any memorial. The concrete blocks are the architectural response to destruction wrought upon the city by a ferocious battle that raged […]

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Frequently Asked Questions About Time Travel

If anyone is wondering about how to find an excellent time-travel film, it’s complicated. I cannot write a lot about this movie, other than it’s English with all its advantages and disadvantages. If you want to enjoy a light-hearted, yet half-serious comedy involving time-travel, this is one. While drinking at their local pub, three social […]

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The Power of Place The more Hungarian history you learn, the more certain dates loom above all the others and become imprinted on the memory. The year 1526 and the Battle of Mohács, 1848 and the revolution against the Habsburgs, 1956 and the uprising against Soviet rule. These dates and their corresponding events are the […]

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Beauty and History Perched on a hillside above the northern shore of Lake Balaton is the scenic village of Tihany. The village is part of a peninsula that is home to an entire historical district. It also sits in one of the most beautiful natural settings you will ever find. The aqua blue waters of […]

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Memorising Words

You and I both know that stupidity is the answer, just like for anything else. If clever and complicated things were interesting to us, humans, we would be an all knowing, academic society. However, we aren’t. Our brains like stupid things and notions because they are abstract. The more abstract and crazy it is, the […]

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