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A Miracle That Happens Every Day Where in the world can someone go to see a valley of sorrows, view a shivering cross and experience a natural heart chakra all in the space of less than an hour? Why Dobogókő of course! This small village and resort area at the highest point in the Visegrád […]

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By Invitation Only  Deep in the Pilis Hills lies the village of Pilisszentkereszt (The Holy Cross of Pilis). Its natural setting attracts hikers who seek out natural refuge in the oak and beech forests. Pilisszentkereszt has also attracted many foreigners and not just tourists. Multiple times over the past 800 years this small village was […]

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Secret Joys Hungary has become increasingly urbanized over the past two hundred years. Thousands upon thousands of Hungarians have left the villages in pursuit of opportunities in cities. Who knows how many villages were utterly depopulated in the 19th century by the vast migration to Budapest. Believe it or not, Budapest was the fastest growing […]

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Historical Vanity  Kőszeg is so dramatically cute that it is hard to take your eyes off it. It transports visitors back to the Baroque age where burghers and merchants, terra cotta roofs and brightly painted buildings were the essence of this historical era. The effect of Kőszeg’s architecture is both physical and psychological. Physical in […]

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Danube-Ipolya National Park

The State of Nature The Danube is by far Hungary’s most famous river. The river plays a critical role in Hungarian history. Its fame is widespread and rightfully so. The five historic capitals of Hungary have been along its banks: Esztergom, Buda, Visegrád, Pozsony (Bratislava) and Budapest. It facilitated economic trade and an industrial boom […]

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The Essence of Beauty In today’s world the nation state is supreme. People are identified by the country in which they live. It is hard to imagine that there was once a time not long ago when nations hardly existed. During this bygone era, empires led by royalty ruled over people of many different ethnicities […]

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Geology As Destiny It has been said that geography is destiny. The places where we live shape our economic, social, cultural and natural environment. If this is true, then what underlies all geography must also be of immense importance. That makes geology the foundation upon which our world is built. It literally undergirds everything civilization […]

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UK Regrets by

It was mistake to let workers from the new EU member states in Central and Eastern Europe into Britain without temporary restrictions allowed by EU rules – said Jack Straw, one of the most respected veteran politician of the British Labour Party, who was the Foreign Minister at the time of the 2004 EU enlargement, […]

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Fantasies Do Come True History is full of contradictions. History is the story of humanity and human beings are complex, contradictory and full of surprises. They are about as predictable as the future. In other words, they are totally unpredictable. The small unassuming village of Parádsasvár holds structures and stories that illustrate the contradictions of […]

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