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Mt. Kekes, Hungary's highest point, from a distance

Mt. Kékes, Hungary’s highest point, from a distance

The idea of the Hungarian landscape as mind numbingly monotonous is a misconception. Yet there is a comparative lack of mountains if we compare Hungary with the seven nations that border it today.

All the neighboring countries have peaks that are at least 1,900 meters (6,200 feet) in height. In Hungary the highest point, Mt. Kékes tops out at only 1,014 meters (3,327 feet).Yet Mt. Kékes, part of the Matra Hills has its own delights.

For one thing it is accessible year round with the developed area of Kékestető allowing visitors a variety of recreational and leisure pursuits.

Nearby mountains in Transylvania or the Tatras may be quite beautiful, but just try skiing (not to mention scaling) their highest peaks in the dead of winter. Mt. Kékes has ski slopes available for those looking for a bit of winter adventure. It can also be readily accessed by car.

Sure that takes away from some of the wilderness experience, but there are still plenty of hikes along its slopes. Visitors can walk through thick beech forests exhibiting the wilds of nature.

Plus Mt. Kékes allows a person to stand on the highest point in Hungary not once, but twice! First, the highest point in land will be conquered at the pinnacle of Mt. Kékes.

Scaling the TV Tower another 134 meters (440 feet) to stand on a viewing platform allows visitors to summit the highest possible point in Hungary.Enveloping the Kékestető area the surrounding hills of the Matra are worthy of more notoriety.

Just like in more lofty altitudes you will find steep talus and scree covered slopes. These are part of the fiery geological evolution that produced the Mátras. After all, Mt. Kékes is the long ago remnants of a volcanic cone.

The Mátras were created millions of years ago by the earth literally exploding outward. Today the visitor stands upon this once liquid inferno, long since burnt out.Walks in the Matras that go farther afield, allow hikers an opportunity to glance back at Mt. Kékes to place it in the proper perspective.

Kékes means bluish in Hungarian. The mountain does have a bluish hue when viewed from a distance. Framed by floating clouds, Kékes seems almost luminescent. A land rich in nature, rising to a wild majesty.

 Forest around Mt. Kekes

Forest around Mt. Kékes

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