Florence and the Machine


I don’t know how Florence found the machine and why they play together but I fear I will never find the time to figure it out or do any research in the subject.

I’m afraid of what I might find. Nevertheless, I’ll attempt to describe her and it in this article.

Florence and the Machine found me through a friend of mine but I can’t remember who was that friend and why. All I know is that I instantly fell in love with the craziness.

This is not your average pop artist, nor a rock star. This formation is something else, mysterious and beyong our world.

Most of the time I don’t like songs about love and emotional representations of such feelings but this time I gladly make an exception for that voice I would anytime.

Titles like ‘Cosmic Love’ and ‘Dog Days Are Over’ could seem generic or over-hyped, I give you that. If you don’t like it the first time, probably there is nothing in if for you.

I guess it takes a specific mind to enjoy it, all I can say is that if you ever loved somebody (not in a mooshy way) you have to give it a try.

Florence and the Machine could bring back old memories so deeply buried you didn’t even know they existed.


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